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Jan. 25th, 2014 @ 08:06 pm (no subject)
I'm Malthael, thirtysomething, and I can assure you that, despite my username, I am not really the Angel of Death. I just like video games.

You could say I'm "between lives" at the moment. Had to "endure" some pretty drastic changes recently, and I'm not exactly sure yet how my new life will be, and where it will take me. I am employed, though, and I'm even taking evening classes in community college, so that's part of why I don't know where I will be, because I would just love to pack my stuff like they do in the movies and go somewhere else, but you've got to pay the bills somehow, so even though I know what changes I want, I'm kind of stuck. Yeah. But I'm working on it. Still... just... trying to figure it all out.

The main purpose of my journal is to write down one positive thing a day, because I read somewhere that this is supposed to be an effective way to improve yourself, so we'll see how that is going to work out for me.

Anyway. I'm looking for new friends. I remember this place to be a fun place, and I hope that there are still some great people left, and that some of you might be interested in reading my journal.

I've recently started yoga, mostly doing pranayama at the moment, so that would be something we have in common, and I'd even love to get in contact with other yoga practitioners who are a bit more experienced than I am. I also love crossfit, and I do a pretty intense workout program at the moment (which is actually called "The Monster", haha). I'm into music, video games, cooking; I watch the occasional TV shows, and I enjoy normal stuff like going out to the movies, or for drinks and other stuff, just like everybody else.

If you're interested, drop a comment here, and hopefully we'll read each other soon.

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Date:January 26th, 2014 07:48 pm (UTC)
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I would like to add you as a friend. Interesting LJ name. ^_^ I am trying to be positive on LJ. It's really hard sometimes, but I think I can manage it. ^_^ I like your goal.